Topics for v2.x

Topics for v1.x


The visualizer can be started in a numnber of ways.


For Windows 7
  1. On the desktop right click and choose 'personalize'
  2. Select screensaver in lower right
  3. Select Plane9
  4. Set a good wait time so you dont have to wait too long for the screensaver to activate
  5. Wait for the screensaver to become active

Winamp visualizer plugin

For winamp 5.x
  1. Press Ctrl+k or select Options->Visualization->Select-Plug-in
  2. Choose Plane9
  3. Click start

Windows Media Player plugin

For WMP v12
  1. Go to options window
  2. In plugins tab choose Plane9
  3. Start playing a song
  4. Go to now playing (Box/Arrow icon in lower right

Standalone window

This will show a standalone window that is always topmost
  1. On the start menu->Programs->Plane9->Plane9 window