Topics for v2.x

Topics for v1.x


One time setup

  • Install the x264 vfw codec. Make sure to install the 32 bit version
  • Go to x264 vfw configuration (Start Menu->Programs->x264vfw->Config)
  • Make sure 'Zero latency' is selected
  • Download ffpmeg.. Get the 32 bit static version. Click the download button. Then the windows logo button. The "Builds" button. Select 32-bit under architecture and make sure static is selected.
  • Extract the ffmpeg file from the bin directory and place it in a folder on your computer.

Tutorial for how to work with the studio application

  • Click “New playlist”
  • Double click on the playlist created
  • Rename it if you want to
  • Drag a standalone scene into the left side of the bottom part of the screen (the timeline). The area should light up to indicate where you can drop it.
  • Set the number under the scene to 10. This way the scene will be shown for 10 seconds.
  • Drag a transition scene to the timeline and place it to the right of the standalone scene. The area should light up where you can drop it
  • Drag a background scene and place it to the right of the transition scene
  • Set the number under the scene to 10.
  • Drag a foreground scene and place it on the background scene. This will form a layered scene.
  • Do the same with a postprocessing scene
  • Scene order can be changed by clicking the arrows to move the scene one step to the left or to the right. Note: Make sure you don’t end the playlist on a transition.
  • Go to “options” tab on the top bar.
  • “Location of ffmpeg” browse to the location where you placed the extracted ffmpeg.
  • Click browse next to “Video output file”. Find a good location for the video. Don’t forget to enter the file extension for the video file.
  • Click preview video to render it at ¼ the size
  • When happy with the result click “Record video”
  • Click “Open video location” to quickly get the where video was located.


  • Start to listen to the song you want to use and write down each time you want a scene switch.
  • Take notes on what type of scene type you want. A “Calm” or “High energy” note would probably be enough.
  • Drag out scenes you want to to use and arrange them in the order according to the calm/high energy.
  • Adjust the time on each scene to match when you actually wanted the scene switch. Don't forget to take transition time into account if you use them.