Topics for v2.x

Topics for v1.x

Command line options

The following command line options can be sent to the plane9.exe

Main modes:

  • -c Show configuration window.
  • -p Preview Screen Saver as child of window.
  • -s Run as screensaver.
  • -w Run in windowed mode.
  • -f Run in fullscreen mode. Same as screensaver mode but wont quit on mouse move.
  • -r Record a movie.
  • -v Run in VR mode. This will try to detect a HDM headset..
  • -o Run in oculus rift mode.
  • -m Run under steam vr as a steam application.


  • --scene The scene file or playlist to use.
  • --width Render window width.
  • --height Render window height.
  • --rttscale Amount to scale the render target to act as a simple form of antialiasing.


  • --music A mp3 music sound file to get the sound spectrum from.
  • --rand Randomize scenes in the playlist to record.
  • --rectime Time in seconds to record before auto quiting.
  • --recfps Frames per second to record the movie in.
  • --transitiontime Time to move from one scene to the next.
  • --sceneminruntime Minimum time to show a scene.
  • --scenemaxruntime Maximum time to show a scene.