Here is a collection of older unsupported creations that have been made over the years

Planematrix v0.7b screensaver (Freeware)

planematrix screen shot A screensaver showing a glowing twisting energy mass with a matrix trails effect in the background
Planestate v1.52 screensaver (Freeware)

planestate screen shot A highly configurable 3d screensaver that shows an endless helix of whirling colors mix, twist and turn to form a never ending display of hypnotic motion patterns.
Xbox media center screensavers

XBMC screen shot A few screensaver that have been included in XBMC.
Starlight v1.1 screensaver (Freeware)

Starlight screen shot Starlight is a simple starfield clone. Features include realtime generated procedural texturing background, a configuration screen and motion blur.
Prontonic Homeseer Plugin v1.0 (Freeware)

Prontonic homeseer plugin screen shot Homeseer plugin for the Philips TSU9600 remote control.
Prontonic v1.0 (Freeware)

Prontonic screen shot Packet analyzer and extender simulator for the Philips TSU9600 remote control.