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  • Plane9 v1.8 has been released

    published on 6/5/2011 6:43 PM

    The main features in this release is distance field fonts and ColorNext output port.

    The distance field fonts creates much nicer font using the same installer size and performance as before. It also allows for creation of outline effect and the like. Color clock

    The render to texture node now has a 'ColorNext' output. It contains the next buffer to be rendered to. The texture can be used as a texture input further down the graph and thus create mirror effects, 'life' simulations, 2d fluid effects and the like. Smokebox


    • Engine: 30 new scenes
    • Engine: RenderToTexture has a ColorNext that contains the texture that will be reused in the next frame. Can be used for 'ping-pong' effects
    • Engine: Shatter node
    • Engine: Added font type to clock node
    • Engine: Clock uses shader port for font shader
    • Engine: TextWriter uses shader port for font shader
    • Editor: Select a template when creating a new scene
    • Editor: Strings delay port updates for 0.5s before updating the engine. Helps when quickly writing in large shaders
    • Editor: FPS lock toggle
    • Engine: CopyToTexture added effect ports to allow filtering during the copy
    • Engine: Auto skip slow scenes after 5 seconds
    • Engine: A scene now knows what other scenes it will fit well/not well with


    • Engine: Much improved font rendering using distance fields
    • Engine: numchars doesn't work in the textwriter expression
    • Engine: Changed default font size to 1.0 Breaking change
    • Engine: Clock/Textwriter color port has been renamed to color1 Breaking change
    • Engine: Updated to Cg Feb 2011 Release
    • Config: Monitors that didn't exists was shown on the render tab

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2 Oct, 2012
Ok, last posting...maybe :)
the bandnr=2 isnt of much since it seems to only take frequency higher than at least 22000Hz, and that most of us cant hear anyway.
2 Oct, 2012
hmm nvm I guess.
I downloaded some samples from
And band function reacted fine to that. Etiher im going deaf or something else I cant figure out.
You can delete my postings, sorry for spamming.
2 Oct, 2012
damn, no edit function.
Well it was for bandnr=2 the number is to low.
2 Oct, 2012
Hello, I got a problem with "band" and bandnr.
The number generated seems to be a factor 100000 to low or something like that.
Is that something you can confirm?
20 Nov, 2011
3 Sep, 2011