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  • Plane9 v2.2.1 released!

    published on 2/26/2015 8:48 PM

    I got some crash reports after the v2.2 release was live so I must thank you all that sent them in. It was a bit tricky for figure out exactly what had gone wrong but eventually I found the problem. Just about all reports where related either to not having a OpenGL 3.1 graphics card or moving to the next scene too quickly. The first one will now show a message and ask that to update the drivers and the second one wont allow the scene to be changed during a transition. Without the crash reports it would have been next to impossible to figure this out.

    I had some feature requests as well and since there where quick and easy to do they made it into this release as well.


    Full patch notes


    • Show command line help using "plane9.exe -h"
    • Show help texts if pressing F1 in windowed and VR mode
    • Make sure we have a valid OpenGL 3.1 device and if not show a error
    • Disable mouse cursor in full screen windowed mode
    • Disable screensaver in full screen windowed mode
    • Allow oversized windowes during recording


    • Crash if moving to the next scene too quickly
    • Failure to start WMP plugin with a qwindowed missing message
    • Better scene randomization. Now all scenes should be shown once before reseting scene pools
    • Correct colors in recorded movies
    • Issue with starting WMP plugin
    • Exit better if no Oculus is detected in VR mode
    • Attempt for a fix of ghost image on one eye in VR mode


    • FPS counter in windowed mode

    ..and remember. Why listen to music when you can watch it!


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Joakim Dahl
17 Apr, 2015
I'm still using the old .net based editor and have a few things to check of before I can start on the new Qt based editor. One of the major being convert all shaders to GLSL. I have gotten quite far but as I feared I have about 1000 scenes I have to manually go over and convert to GLSL since I can't fully do it automatically.
15 Apr, 2015
Can I have beta access to the editor? I would love to help you test it, I also think it would really help make Plane9 more popular. I freaking love listening to music with it.
Carsten Pache
1 Mar, 2015
My Intel HD 4400 supports OpenGL 4.3. You may be right that the quality of Intel's OpenGL drivers is bad - but how do you measure this?
Joakim Dahl
1 Mar, 2015
It does work on a laptop I often use that has a crappy Intel HD 2xxxx card with only OpenGL 3.1 support. But intel does have bad OpenGL drivers.
Carsten Pache
1 Mar, 2015
Thanks for the information about what the ring is intended to be. The graphics card drivers are up to date (Intel Iris and HD Graphics Driver for Windows 7/8/8.1 64-bit, version ( - maybe it is an issue that is specific to Intel graphics.
Joakim Dahl
1 Mar, 2015
Updating your graphics card drivers should fix the issue. What you should see is the earth lit up.
Carsten Pache
1 Mar, 2015
The settings are working now. However, when watching the "Earth" scene, there is a black ring around the earth - see as an example (I drew two arrows to highlight this effect). Is this intended?
Joakim Dahl
27 Feb, 2015
The v2.2.1.2 version has been released that should fix the configuration window issue. Please download it instead.
Joakim Dahl
27 Feb, 2015
Thanks for the reports. Seems a file got lost in the final created installer. I'll release a updated version in a few hours that will fix this.
Peter Christensen
27 Feb, 2015
Looks like great news! Thanks! It fixed the mouse in fullscreen mode. But we cant open the "configure plane9" Execute file anymore. I have send a crash report (Through error report), respond if you need more. Peace out!
Carsten Pache
27 Feb, 2015
Thanks for the new version! Unfortunately, it crashes when I try to open the settings (in the screensaver dialog).