Prontonic - Homeseer Plugin

The Prontonic Homeseer Plugin acts as a gateway between a Philips Pronto TSU9600 remote control and the homeseer home automation program. It does this by simulating a RFX9600 extender.

By using this plugin you can get the remote to trigger anything homeseer can trigger. Example of uses is having homeseer tell the weather at the push of a button on the remote or turn on/off lights.

How To Use

  1. Unzip the file into your Homeseer dir
  2. In the homeseer web interface go to Setup->Interfaces and Enable 'Prontonic'
  3. Click 'Config' to read a small tuturial on how to setup you remote control


Prontonic screen shot


You can download the plugin directly from Homeseer if you want to. Just go to the normal update page in Homeseer and scroll down. You should see Prontonic among the plugins quite far down on that page.

Prontonic v1.0 10 kb, released 28 March, 2007


The Prontonic plugin is freeware and may as such be used as much as you like for free.