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  • New scenes & website updates

    published on 10/16/2011 3:24 PM

    I'm currently working on v2.0 of the visualizer and it will be a while longer until it can be launched since its a complete rewrite of the configuration and scene editor. Because of this I will start to upload a few new scenes as a normal user and eat my own dog food so to speak by going though the real scene upload system. I have found and fixed a few issues so far and if I find any more I'll correct them too. So if you have a nice scene feel free to upload it.

    The front page has received a 'new scenes' section. It should help when trying to quickly see if any new scenes has been uploaded. The scenes page have received a few extra tabs also to filter the existing scenes and quickly find scenes that are not included in the installer.

    Since new scenes are now uploaded to the site you have to go to the site and download the scenes manually if you like one. The visualizer already captures the scene specific file extension so it should be a quite streamlined experience. The process should works something like this.

    Click to download scene

    Go to the folder where the scene was placed or double click on it in the browsers file download window

    Answer yes that you want to import the scene

    Answer yes that you want to open the configuration window

    Go to the scenes tab and you should find the new scene under the 'Imported' branch

    The website have also received a few visual tweaks however you need a fairly modern browser to see them.

    Lastly the [url:statistics page|] have been updated with a few new values including memory and core counts.