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    published on 5/11/2011 8:57 PM

    Previously I had to use the [url:steam hardware survey|] to try to get an idea of what users actually have for machines. But their survey is from gamers that play games. To help in dealing with this lack of screensaver/music visualizer oriented information the anonymous usage statistics was added to the visualizer.

    I though I share some of these findings for others to use. So if you want to create a demo, music visualizer or screensaver this information should hopefully match your intended target audience better than the steam hardware survey does.

    The statistics are updated once a day and shown on the [url:plane9 statistics page|].

    Statistics is also gathered on what scenes are most viewed and this did really have a few surprises for me.

    The top 10 scenes are as follows ||Scene name||Run count||Run time||Average FPS||Number of installations|| |things\android.p9s|200702|237 days|15|22.93 %| |misc\matrixtrails.p9s|493544|179 days|24|24.47 %| |particle\starfield.p9s|470176|126 days|28|28.56 %| |nature\galaxy.p9s|463027|125 days|22|28.64 %| |text\crimescene.p9s|242669|122 days|29|23.68 %| |demoscene\metaice.p9s|215094|118 days|20|24.85 %| |abstract\colorstorm.p9s|288543|114 days|25|24.22 %| |particle\particlespray.p9s|339066|113 days|29|25.10 %| |demoscene\totheroadofribbon.p9s|229125|112 days|20|24.74 %| |demoscene\chasingthedream.p9s|229974|109 days|20|24.78 %| Run count is counted as anytime the scene is viewed. Average fps is the average frames per second. Number of installations is the amount of installations that have viewed the specific scene.

    Seems like there is a lot of android users out there since it tops the list. I have to thank [url:Simon green|] again for allowing me to use his shader for that scene. 15 fps for average fps on a realtime raytraced scene is rather good. It's interesting to see starfield in the top 3. I guess nothing beats the old classics. But what surprised me is that the crimescene scene is in the top 5. Its a scene I was very close to removing since I though it to be quite pointless. But I'm happy to have been proven wrong on that. We also have 3 demoscene related scenes that got their shaders from various intros. This is exactly what I hoped for. That great intros that would have been viewed once or twice and then forgotten now are running on monitors across the world for all to see. Totheroadofribbon & metaice are created by [url:XT95/FRequency|]. Chasingthedream is just a slight modification I did on totheroadofribbon.

    Now all I need to do is to figure out how to create a scene featuring a android in a crimescene in the matrix while flying though a starfield... then again. Maybe not.

    Lastly we have the run count for the various applications ||Application name||Run count||Run time||Average FPS|| |Config|5140|17 days|-| |Editor|1863|30 days|-| |Screensaver|4912640|11 years 318 days|23| |Winamp|18585|409 days|57| |WMP|5986|112 days|17|

    The screensaver is by far the most used with a bit low average fps of 23. The screensaver is locked to run at a maximum of 30 fps since it is a screensaver and should use a low amount of resources. The reason is probably that the complex android scene is the most viewed that has a average fps of 15. Winamp comes next but with a much higher average fps of 57. Winamp is locked to 60 fps and is usually run in a smaller window so that can explain the comparatively high fps. The lower fps in windows media player is because windows media player handles the frame locking and only calls the visualizer ever so often. I'm happy to see that the editor is run quite a lot. I had plans on removing it since no one seemed to use it but with this data in hand it will stay.