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  • New website is live!

    published on 8/27/2010 12:00 AM

    The new website is finally up and running. It was quite a bit of work to remake the whole web site using a technology I wasn't that experienced in (Asp.Net MVC) but that was also the fun part. Luckily so is MVC built ontop of normal Asp.Net so that experience wasn't wasted. But adding to that a whole membership system from scratch was needed that also needed to be as safe as possible in these days (hashed and salted passwords for example). I could have gone with the existing membership system but adding 5 tables and a whole bunch of stored procedures just doesn't feel right for something that only needs 1 table.

    The major points with the new website

    • Everybody now has a location where they can share any scenes they have created and hopefully learn from one another
    • The site is very fast specially if you take into account how much content needs to be shown. Like 55+ images on the scenes page.
    • Easier to navigate
    • Wiki engine for blog and documentation making it easy to update
    • Website is written from scratch so I know how everything works and can thus easily expand it. For example it took only 1 hour to add scene tags But don't worry, I'm not done just yet. There are more wonderful things to come to the site in the future.

    If you have any suggestions or find something that doesn't work around the site then please [url:send them in|] and I'll see if I can't fix it.