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  • The end of the forum as we know it

    published on 7/30/2010 11:42 AM

    Having this forum has been a mixed experience. I always like to test new software so that was one of the larger reasons for me getting this forum in the first place. However lately is has been taking a bit too much time in relation to what it gives back to me or you. This is mostly because of all the spammers that hit the forum. I have managed to lock down the forum quite well but they still get in every now and then.

    I have had an idea for a redesign of the website for some time now and not too long ago I put those plans into action. The redesign also involves moving from PHP to Asp.Net MVC. Since I'm a lot more used to Asp.Net and C# I will be able to add new features and improve on the new site in a much more rapid rate than I currently can do. But during this change the forum will be killed of since it doesn't seems to be worth the time of moving it over and then keeping it spam free in the future.

    A problem however is that this blog is included in the forum software so I will loose that too. However I have every intention to convert all blog posts into my own format and build a very simple blog engine myself since that is all I need. I will skip a lot of features that aren't used here anyway like commenting, postbacks and such. I will whoever try to get in a RSS/Atom feed.

    But maybe I'll reintroduce the forum in the future. Only time will tell...