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  • Custom multimonitor desktop background

    published on 2/10/2010 7:40 PM

    So you want a nice desktop background that fits on your, possibly multimonitor, display then read on.

    When the [url:Plane9 visualizer|] is running you can press "F9" to take a screenshot of your favorite [url:scene|]. Since the screensaver normally cover all your monitors the screenshot will be created as such. That is with a size that fits over all monitors and using your normal desktop resolution.

    Now you should

    Start Menu->Plane9->'Plane9 user data'

    Go into the "Screenshots" dir

    Right click on the screenshot of your choice.

    In the menu choose "Set as desktop background"

    That is all there is to it if your using a single monitor. If you want the image to span across all monitors there is more work to do depending on your OS.

    In Windows 7 you should

    Right click on a empty part of the desktop

    Choose "Personalize"

    In the window that shows up click "Desktop background"

    In the "Picture position" drop down list choose "Title"

    Optionally you can pick multiple screen shots here and let windows randomize between them. Just click in the box next to each screen shot

    Now you should have a shiny desktop background that spans across all screens. Created just for you monitor resolution.

    In Visa you can do as for Windows 7 however the image still wont span across all monitors. The only way to get around this seems to be to use a 3rd party program so I suggest to just set it as span or title and choose a screen shot that works under those conditions. The relief tunnel and nightspirits works well.

    This of course also works for any other images you might have laying around.