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  • Finally a release day feels to be within grasp

    published on 5/20/2009 7:47 PM

    Yes, It's true. After about 4 years and 75000+ lines of code it feels like I am soon ready to release this visualizer into the world. Hopefully during this weekend unless some major issue shows up.

    A lot of new scenes has been added. In total there are now 31 scenes and over 25 nodes. The winamp plugin is now also working and I also throw together a Windows Media Player. It only took about 5 hours but it's not 100% yet however since a lot of people don't have winamp so is it time well spent.

    A whole bunch of new web pages have also been created for the screensaver where you will be able to look at screenshot of each scene and even a flash movie. Some simple documentation have also been added.

    The visualizer now requires OpenGL 2.0 and is completely shader based. This doesn't effect the system that much but it's nice to know that it's a bit more future proof now.

    The most time consuming thing that is left is to change all scenes so they have some part in them that is music dependent. This will only be trivial changes in the existing scenes so don't expect too much until I start adding dedicated music scenes.

    I'll leave you with a screenshot from the winamp plugin..


    .. and one of the new scenes