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  • Solution to the dotnetnuke redirection loop

    published on 4/12/2009 10:44 AM

    If you have been setting up dotnetnuke websites for a while you have probably got this very annoying error. The error shows up by firefox telling you that it has prevented a redirection loop. IE on the other hand doesn't tell you anything however if you watch the packets you see that you get a constant stream of 302 redirect responses from the web server.

    A few fixes has been found to this issue as can be seen [url:here|] and [url:here|] but they revolve around the problem having to do with the trust level set on the web site. The sites I set up are using fulltrust so that wasn't the case. What however fixed it was to add the hostheader in IIS. Normally you setup your site on a specific port and just tell IIS to catch any web request that goes to that port. You can still keep that but you will also need to add any aliases you have for your site as new entries. This will fix the problem once and for all.