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  • Plane9 status update

    published on 4/20/2008 9:24 PM

    I had hoped I could release a version of the Plane9 screensaver before the end of this week but it seems I have to wait a bit longer. Reason is that a stumble onto some annoying bugs that took a while to track down. One was cause by sending a WM_QUIT when I should have sent a WM_CLOSE. The WM_QUIT message told the application to quit right now and not do any cleanup. Another one was that when the screensaver received the WM_CLOSE it should have returned "0". Instead it let windows handle the event. For some unknown reason when windows handled the WM_CLOSE event it locked up the whole application.

    At least I found those bugs and have also managed to improve the application all around. A completely new configuration application have been created and the editor has received a nice visual update. I'll cover the new configuration window in a later post.

    Previously the editor looked like you can see in my [url:old blog post| Now however this is the improved look.


    What has been done visually is the improved look of the nodes, the connections are spline based and the port viewer is completely redone.

    Next up is a new node I plan on creating and also finishing the updates on the new configuration application. Hopefully I can have this done sometime next week. The if all goes well I plan on posting a screenshot to [url:GameDevs Image of the day| and do a release short there after.