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  • Plane9 v1.5 Released

    published on 1/31/2010 10:26 PM

    After a few had working months it's time for another release of Plane9 and what a release it is. A number of nice new mesh nodes are included so you don't have to settle for the cube or plane any more. A voronoi diagram node has been added that even has an expression port so you can write new expression to make the node do all forms of fun things. Then we have the most interesting node of them all. The shader node. Takes in a custom cgfx shader and applies it to the object of your choice. The possibilities are endless and a number of scenes has been added to prove this point, many of these new shaders are the brainchild's of [url:IQ|] and a few are based on work by [url:XT95|]

    The release notes are as follows


    • Engine: 15 new scenes
    • Engine: Custom Cgfx [url:shader node|] (Including relatime shader edit!)
    • Engine: [url:Voronoi node|]
    • Engine: Sphere mesh node
    • Engine: Torus mesh node
    • Engine: Cylinder mesh node
    • Engine: Disc mesh node
    • Engine: Cone mesh node
    • Engine: Rotation node
    • Engine: More outputs to expression node (Breaking change)
    • Engine: Expression port on clone mesh node
    • Engine: srand keyword for expressions that returns random value from -1 to 1
    • Engine: scenetime keyword to expression node
    • Editor: Icons for most nodes
    • Editor: Shortcut keys (DEL/F5)
    • Editor: Allow camera to be controled if 'RenderObject' node is selected (WASDEC keys)
    • Editor: Allow insertion of node on a connection
    • Editor: Color hightlight expression and shader ports
    • Editor: Support undo/redo in expression and shader port
    • Editor: Default to scenes to be standalone
    • Editor: Allow port values to be entered and not directly clamped
    • Config: Show scene description


    • Editor: Remove 'Add node' top context menu
    • Editor: Rename folder doesnt work
    • Engine: Fullscreen glow wraps across the screen. This fix also double the performance of the glow.
    • Engine: Clone node doesn't allow reduction of number of clones
    • Engine: Line bounces draws extra lines that doesn't move
    • Engine: Billbording doesn't work for particles/points
    • Engine: Lower the probability of a layered scene getting picked when randomizing a new scene
    • Winamp: Scene names in context menu are grabage

    A few scenes have also been tweaked a bit.