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  • Plane9 v1.2 Released

    published on 10/19/2009 4:36 PM

    Plane9 v1.2 has been released and it has two major new features

    Each scene can now be any of 4 types. Standalone, Background, Foreground and Postprocessing. At runtime the visualizer will then choose a standalone scene or a layered scene by rendering a background, foreground and post processing scene at once. This creates a lot of potential scenes. Already the potential combinations are in the 100's!

    A expression parser has also been added. Now it exists as a standalone node and as part of the CloneExpression node. The latter node clones objects using a math expression. Scale, position and color can be changed per cloned object. More information can be found on the [url:expression|] page

    The complete change list is as follows

    • Engine: Scene layer support. Now a scene can be defined as a standalone, background, foreground or postprocessing scene!
    • Engine: Math expression evaluator!
    • Engine: New nodes Expression, CloneExpression
    • Engine: New scenes FlipFlop, InsideMarbleCube, InformationFlow, DotPlasma, CubeFloor, CubeVortex, BlobFade, GradientGrid, Signal, Firewalker
    • Editor: Show scene desciption, author & warmup time
    • Editor: Add * to changed scene
    • Editor: Show confirmation dialog if closing changed scene
    • Editor: Show textures as dropdown list for easy picking
    • Config: Splash window
    • Editor: Splash window
    • Editor: Check for new release at startup
    • Config: Check for new release at startup
    • Engine: Clear screen if monitor claims its going to get shutdown
    • Editor: Crash when showing more than one scene
    • Editor: When scene is activated wrong scene is rendered