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    published on 8/23/2007 9:07 PM

    I put together a few flash videos showing off some of the screensavers. Mainly for my own amusement just to see how hard it would be to create some flash videos. After some digging and testing I managed to create a few using only freeware/opensource tools.

    Tools used during the process

    • [url:kkapture|] Great tool for capturing the screensaver and encoding it directly to a movie.
    • [url:Virtual Dub|] Needed this to convert the movie from kkapture to a format that the flv encoder could handle
    • [url:Riva Encoder|] Encodes a movie to flv.
    • [url:JW flv player|] The actual player for the flv files.

    The videos can be found on the [url:xbmc page|] and on the [url:Planematrix page|].