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  • New work website

    published on 5/9/2007 9:06 PM

    We got our new [url:company web site| up and running a few days ago. It shows a bit more of what we are doing and we will update the news a few times each month to keep it up to date. Under the company section you can also find some of the project we have worked on during the years.

    I also added an example of our games on the main page under the menu. It's one example of what an [url:affiliate| for our system is able to do. In this case its an image that when clicked brings up a flash game that can be played instantly. During my last count we had 30 games so there should be something for everyone to enjoy.

    The first part of my engine rebuild is complete. Now I need to get the editor to work with the new system because writing the scenes in the xml file is getting harder and harder. Specially if you want to do some trial and error to see what looks good. I also got the shader system up and running so now I can use CgFx shaders for post processing effects as well as during texture generation. Here is an example of a simple glow shader that has been applied to the old planestate effect.