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  • New games, New cashier

    published on 4/23/2007 5:05 PM

    It's been a while since my last update. But I managed to take the time to get one year older since my last post. Not that I feel it but then again. Why should I?

    The work has been progressing and we might break into some uncharted, but interesting, territory. Currently I can't say anything more about it but hopefully soon. Anyway we have continued to enhance the casino system at [| There always seems to be something new you can add. But thats also the fun part with this job. The latest additions are a few new games. How does multihand video slots sound? The cashier has also got a major face lift. Easier navigation, common look for all payment system, new help system and the list goes on. Today we also went though the final verification for [url:Click and buy| It's a very fast payment system. So you can do both a deposit and a withdraw in 10 seconds without any problems. They have about 8.5 million users so if your one of them you really don't have any excuse for not trying the games ;). Even if you don't you can quickly setup an account.

    A few days ago I got inspired to pick up my work on the screensaver. Strangely enough this was around the time that Breakpoint 2007 was going on. The now old system had some design decision that I really didn't like. It just felt like there should be a better way to do things than how I had done it. Well I had a well deserved eureka moment and came up with a much better system. It's a lot more flexible and simpler than my old one. So now I have been rebuilding the whole engine to match this new design. I still have a lot of nodes left to remake but it will be worth it in the end.

    I'll leave you with an old Planestate screenshot I found.