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  • Up and running again

    published on 2/18/2007 11:38 AM

    The web site was down for a few hours but it has now been fixed. The web host changed the ip addresses of all the web servers and I had forgot to update a web config file that reflected this change.

    On another note I'm now fully running Vista. It has it's issues but that's to be expected. Mostly related to drivers. IE 7 did manage to crash after about 10 minutes of vista usage. But I'm normally running firefox anyway so it doesn't matter. Can't say there is any revolutionary changes in Vista but it does have a few nice features. For example Vista is very fast at detecting locked processes. In XP you had to wait quite a while before you got a 'Process isn't responding' message.

    I also took Plane9 out for a spin and it actually works. I seriously didn't think it would but it does. However it seems a bit slower but as stated before it's probably just the beta drivers I'm forced to run on.