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  • Work, AJAX & Supreme Commander

    published on 2/15/2007 10:17 PM

    Our first casino site went up quite a while ago and has been running nicely since then. We have had some incremental feature updates and a rather large one just a day or so ago. It included a few new games including English Roulette and a whole bunch of new video pokers. The site now also uses AJAX to limit the number of page refreshes that needs to be done for a much nicer usage experience. Furthermore the site now has full multi language support and currently we have English and Turkish languages. Lastly we have a Turkish based casino up and running also. For the ones that want to check it out the casinos can be found at [|] and [|]. But don't worry. We still have many more great features to come!

    I got the Homeseer plugin up and running so now I have among other things a button on the remote that make the home tell me the current time. Works really well however I'm still missing my Z-Wave computer interface. Right now I have been waiting 2 1/2 month for it. Seems like they don't have any in the whole of Europe. If I just could get that one I could control all lights here using the remote. If you want to try the home seer plugin you can grab [url:HSPI Prontonic|]. Then Unzip the file into your Homeseer dir. Go to Setup->Interfaces and Enable 'Prontonic'. If you then click 'Config' I have written a small tutorial on what you need to do. Another thing I use the plugin for is to controlling my X10 lights. It's actually quite absurd when you think about what happens behind the scenes. To turn on a X10 light the following happens.

    The remote sends a signal onto the 802.11g wireless network.

    The access point picks it up and sends it through the wired network.

    The server receives it and send it to my plugin.

    It in turns sends it to Homeseer that triggers the X10 light.

    The X10 plugin in homeseer sends a signal through the Serial port to the X10 adapter.

    The adapter in turn converts the signal to a signal that goes onto the electric grid.

    Then the lamp module picks it up and turns on the light.

    Isn't technology wonderful ;)

    Lastly I have been playing around a bit with the [url:Supreme Commander|] demo. This is the best RTS game I have ever played. I really liked the predecessor Total Annihilation. But in SC they have managed to really add all things you missed in all other RTS games. Just the Dual monitor support is a brilliant addition to the RTS game genre.