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  • The wonder that is threading

    published on 1/14/2007 5:39 PM

    Thanks to the new command system the threading in the editor is now up and running. So now the GUI is running in the main thread and the render window(s) are running in another thread. As expected the change helps a lot. Now the renderer runs at full framerate while the gui is always responsive even if you accidentally try to render 3000 more objects than you had planed. Getting this support in without the command system would have been a small nightmare and next to impossible to guarantee that it was 100% thread safe.

    On another note if your searching for a good todo list/task tracker I have found two that works very well.

    The first is [url:ToDoList|]. It's free and perfect to keep track of various tasks and general ideas and thoughs you might have while brainstorming. It's tree based so it forms a nice hierarchy for you. Good for keeping track of just anything you need to do.

    Then we have [url:OnTime|] from Axosoft. It's a more serious program featuring a customer portal, visual studio intergation and both a windows and web interface. I'm using it for when the brainstorming part is over and you have an actual task/bug worked out so you can keep track of it. It's even free for one person so for my needs it's perfect. I plan to use a bit more of the features the program offers in the future. Like the customer portal so people can enter bugs and feature request directly into the system and the get notifications when I fix/add them. They have the 2007 version lurking around the corner and it seems like they have added a lot of good things in it. Like the helpdesk functionally and speed improvements.

    Well tomorrow the dreaded Monday is here again so it's back to do real work and there is a LOT of it to do. Luckily it's fun work.