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  • The casino system is LIVE!

    published on 1/7/2007 9:08 PM

    After more work hours than I care to count so are we now live with the project I'm involved in at [url:Play'n Go|]. The fruit of endless hours of staring into the soft glow that is my monitors can be found at [|]. I hope you take her out for a test spin. You can play for real money if you want to but there is the option to practice play without the need to register. If there is any game you should test at all then I suggest the Roulette. It just looks so good. It looks even better than most downloadable casino clients I have seen. And no, I didn't make that one so I'm not totally biased. :) We also tested the games on the Wii console and the video pokers and slots do run on it. The roulette and blackjack probably requires too much memory. But still it's just awesome that you can actually play some of our games on the Wii! That's the reward we get for only requiring Flash 6.

    Because of being in crunch mode for the above project I haven't had any time for the screensaver. Well I though I didn't but by inventing a few extra hours on the day I have actually managed to do some work there too. The main change is that I have added an xml based command system into Plane9. So you might ask what does that help the world. Quite a lot actually. Because now everything in the editor is done using simple xml commands anyone can control the screensaver. Also it simplifies me making the editor multi threaded so it will run smoother. Furthermore you can then remote control the screensaver. Say you have the screensaver running on your HTPC. Then you can connect to the screensaver and change the scenes from your laptop or some other computer.

    There is still a bit more work to do on that remote control part but it will be fully supported eventually.