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  • Work, work, work and some gambling

    published on 11/26/2006 7:03 PM

    Well the title says it all. I have been very busy with real work for the past months so I haven't had any time or inspiration to work on the screensaver. We have gone public with the work I'm involved in and if you want to see what takes up all my time you can visit [url:Play'n Wager|] to check it out. It's a gambling site featuring flash and mobile games. Supporting things like full reconnect between platforms. So if you start a Black Jack game on the web you can continue to play it on your mobile phone. It's only for fun so you don't need to deposit any money to check it out. My part has been in making most of the flash games, the .aspx code for the webpage and a whole bunch of tools to support the backend. While also doing some consulting work. It's fun work, however it takes a lot of time and there is still a lot more to do on it. So I doubt I will have much time for the screensavers in the near future. But don't worry, I have every intention in continuing when I get a moment of free time over.

    Take care.