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  • Plane9 v0.1 released (Download link inside)

    published on 8/20/2006 3:29 PM

    Finally the first test version of Plane9 has been released to the public.

    With the version number v0.1 there is still a lot of work to do until I will release an official version on the web page. Lot's more features needs to be added before we are there.

    Having said that this release isn't an empty shell. It contains 8 real scenes or screensavers if you so will. One will be picked at random when starting the screensaver. You can choose what scenes you want to randomize between in the configuration dialog.


    • Planestate The planestate effect with a star sky background. It's a single "frame" from the old planestate screensaver.
    • Matrixtrails The effect from the matrix movie. You have all seen it before but no screensaver should be without one.
    • Planematrix Is two good effects combined better than their parts? You decide in this experiment of combining one part planestate and one part matrixtrails
    • Asteroids A lone spaceship fighting a never ending battle against the asteroids.
    • PingPong Retro is the new black and so is the background in this screensaver. The paddles are however white and the game neverends.
    • Starfield Stars are nice especially when they fly past you in all sorts of colors.
    • GravityLine A single line can be a fun thing to watch if you're bored. Here you have 50000 of them moving towards a center point and then move out into the blackness of space. All in an eternal struggle between line and gravity.
    • Planestatex2DualMonitor Two is better than one and that is certanly true with monitors. To honour that this scene features two planestate effects moving across two monitors.

    Just about all scenes are multimonitor friendly.


    • You can't change screen resolution in this version. It will use your current desktop setting for all monitors.
    • This is opengl only so you will only be able too hardware accelerate monitors that come from your primary gfx card if you have multiple cards. Set the others to 'Leave black' in the render options.

    This program is freeware so you can use it as much as you like. It's also adware and spyware free and has been check with two different antivirus programs. Also included is an uninstaller for those who needs it.

    Lastly here is the 1.2Mb of sweet screensaver love for you [url:Plane9 Screensaver|].

    A showstopper was found and has now been fixed. So if you got a 'Please reinstall' message before just download it again and it should work now. Thanks.


    Plane9 - When one isn't enough!