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  • Hangovers are the worst invention yet

    published on 8/15/2006 9:16 PM

    Festivals are fun but they do come with a price. We had one in town the last weekend so I just had to take a trip down to hangover land on Sunday.

    I have managed to do other things like getting wasted like finding a solution to that annoying multimonitor aspect problem. It does go a bit against the design of the system but I managed to minimize the impact. It's well worth it so you don't have to create special multimonitor scenes. You will want to create some anyway but now it should at least be easier. Fixing this completely automatic is next to impossible. Now you might get away with setting the 'Adjust by aspect' to true on the offending node(s) and your done. However some scenes will need to have their animators adjusted. Something I still lack support for but it will be added in the future.

    I have also added scene link support to the project files. It's a big step to the configuration part. The projects files are quite a lot more advanced than what you have seen in G-Force, Milkdrop and other such programs. Here you can store multiple scenes in a single file including a project that tells him how these scene should be played. I just dont like how you get like 1000 small files with those otherwise great programs. However you can of course question if the work is worth it to create a proper file format.

    On another note a link spammer hit the forum. As expected. Just wondered how long time it would take them to notice that guests could post to these forums. So to prevent that in the future you now have to enter a CAPTCHA code if you want to post as a guest. Registered users, of course, doesn't have to do this when posting.

    ![ Example of a dual monitor scene

    Last but not least. The current plan is to get the first test version out this weekend.