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  • Assembly!

    published on 8/4/2006 11:07 AM

    Even after the last timing changes the mainloop still didn't feel quite right so I looked it over again and figured out a much better way to do it. So now it really does what it should. Running two planestate effects and a skybox takes now 1% cpu usage.

    Now [url:Assembly| is live in Finland. So start up your video feeds and go over to [url:AssemblyTV| to get inspired!

    The forum have also been updated to the latest version and it has some new nice features for you to play around with. Hope you all like it.

    Finally here are a few things you can get if you combine Planestate with a Starfield. The first two uses lines in the starfield and the last one uses axis textures.

    ![ The movement of this is just amazing! It's like a gravity well using lines.