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  • Virtual private server madness

    published on 7/27/2006 9:43 PM

    The VPS (Virtual private server) can be a harsh mistress. Specially when it's missconfigured. After about 1/2 week of testing and poking we wiped the whole server and reinstalled the thing. So now it finally works as I want to and it's very fast. It might be a bit slower for people in the US because the server is placed in the EU. But I dont think you will have time to fall asleep while the pages are loading.

    In the mist of all the VPS configuring I needed a break from it and added a new node type to the screensaver. It's a 'Starfield' node. So it can create the same effect as is seen in the 'Starlight' screensaver, with a few extra things. Like using an object as a star. Even a 'Starfield' node can be placed as a single star in another starfield. Yes it can get very confusing but it's flexible for anyone that wants to go nuts.

    ![ Image of the Starfield node with a box node around it that has a procedural star texture applied to it. And no, there isn't anything nuts in this one.

    I have also tried to find a very annoing bug. The screensaver crashes on my HTPC in the driver. In a normal DrawIndexPrimitiveCall. It works on all other machines but not that one. Spent quite a lot of time on that problem to no avail. The only thing I can come up with is some invalid state but nvidias tools doesn't say anything. So I'll have to check back on that later.