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    published on 7/23/2006 4:20 PM

    The launcher is up and running. The was some pitfalls in creating it but now it's doing what it should. So now I wont change any cg dll files you might have in your system dir. I also created the first installer and the size of the screensaver so far is 1.4Mb. A bit more than I had hoped but it shouldn't grow much more in the future.

    A 'crash catcher' has also been added. So if the worst happens and the program does crash it will be caught and logged to a file. That way it can be mailed back to me so I can fix the problem.

    For some reason NVidia doesn't seem to respond to mail or error reports these days. I sent two mails through their webform but I haven't got a single reply. One was even a crash bug by their new profiler tools. The other one contained among others a question if you are allowed to distribute the beta cg dll files. I figured that they could at least send a reply that they are looking into it.

    On another note I'm looking into moving to a new host. I have spent the last few days configuring and testing the new server. It's a VPS (Virtual Private Server) host located in the Netherlands with a combined throughput of 37Gbit and guaranteed uptime of 99.997%. However it was a while since I worked with Linux so it's going a bit slow to get everything up and running as I want it.