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  • Another vacation past by

    published on 7/16/2006 6:51 PM

    Now my short vacation is over. A single week isn't much of a vacation but it's better than nothing. I'll see if I can't get another week in a month or so. It has just been so good to be able to relax. Of course the weather for the first part of the week was rather bad but the last half was perfect so it's ok.

    The Xbox managed to find it's way back after it's summer vacation in Germany. It took them 3 whole weeks to fix it and in the end I got a completely new one. So I was back into burnout again and managed to play for a day. When I was going to race the next day however the console had decided that my burnout saved game wasn't much to have and had been kind enough to remove it from the harddrive. Luckily I only play online but I don't even dare to think about my oblivion save game.

    But whats a vacation if you don't do some work on your favorite pet projects. So I have changed the site and the forum slightly. But most importantly I have continued on the screensaver/plugin project. This new project will be scene based. A single scene will be like a 3d screensaver/plugin on it's own and in the end you will be able to make them yourself with the editor. This is also the reason why it takes so long to create this thing. It's not like creating a single screensaver. It's like creating a whole bunch of them at once. The plan is to release the first few versions only here on the forums and later when the 3 main components (screensaver, winamp plugin & editor) works and has the features I want then v1.0 will be released on the webpage. But thats a while into the future. Currently I'm doing the rather boring task of getting the opengl multi-monitor to work. When that's in I'll probably release a v0.1 with a few scenes. As of now there is 4 scenes in there however it should go very fast to add new scenes when the editor is fully up and running.