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  • Plane9 v2.4 released!

    published on 3/3/2016 8:58 PM

    This releases main focus have been to create a nice smoke/fire effect, fix banding issues in scenes and also to create a recording application. I would say all of those goals have been met even though the fire effect could be more optimized. It’s another base effect that can be used in any number of ways so you can be sure you will see more fire based scenes in the future.

    It's quite a strange feeling you get when one of these natural simulations work. You add fuel and set it on fire using a high temperature and it all comes alive on it's own. It then consumes the fuel while creating an upward draft and smoke along with it. Adjust the fuel amount and the velocity it's injected with and the fire reacts accordingly. No wonder they say fire feels like its alive.

    Some of the added/updated scenes updated for v2.4

    Change history


    • Studio application to make it easier to record videos
    • Toggle if we should automatically go to next scene if left arrow key is pressed
    • Lock sound analyzer to 30Hz
    • Added damping, increase and decrease rate to sound texture
    • _screenSpaceDither,_textureBicubic,_blackBody shader function
    • Support geometry shader
    • RG & R 16bpp textures
    • Lower max detected sound level over time to handle sound spikes when normalizing audio
    • Stop screensaver if mouse click and preview fullscreen
    • Added 11 new scenes
    • Added NotSelected tag in config
    • Auto track a rough estimate of how long a scene as been worked on


    • Gone through all scenes to fix banding issues
    • Max normalization adjustment increased to 1000x. Going from high to low sound should find the new max in about 7 seconds.
    • Updated to Qt 5.5.1
    • Fix nearz,farz values
    • Fixed a missing end of line in a shader that caused AMD to fail to compile the shader in non obvious ways on some drivers


    • Removed Creation, RGBWaves, Art in motion scenes