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  • Plane9 v2.2.1 released!

    published on 2/26/2015 8:48 PM

    I got some crash reports after the v2.2 release was live so I must thank you all that sent them in. It was a bit tricky for figure out exactly what had gone wrong but eventually I found the problem. Just about all reports where related either to not having a OpenGL 3.1 graphics card or moving to the next scene too quickly. The first one will now show a message and ask that to update the drivers and the second one wont allow the scene to be changed during a transition. Without the crash reports it would have been next to impossible to figure this out.

    I had some feature requests as well and since there where quick and easy to do they made it into this release as well.


    Full patch notes


    • Show command line help using "plane9.exe -h"
    • Show help texts if pressing F1 in windowed and VR mode
    • Make sure we have a valid OpenGL 3.1 device and if not show a error
    • Disable mouse cursor in full screen windowed mode
    • Disable screensaver in full screen windowed mode
    • Allow oversized windowes during recording


    • Crash if moving to the next scene too quickly
    • Failure to start WMP plugin with a qwindowed missing message
    • Better scene randomization. Now all scenes should be shown once before reseting scene pools
    • Correct colors in recorded movies
    • Issue with starting WMP plugin
    • Exit better if no Oculus is detected in VR mode
    • Attempt for a fix of ghost image on one eye in VR mode


    • FPS counter in windowed mode

    ..and remember. Why listen to music when you can watch it!