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  • Plane9 v2.1 released!

    published on 9/17/2014 8:21 PM

    So today marks the day v2.1 got released. It's mainly internal changes that have gone into this release where the separation between CPU and GPU work has been much more cleanly defined. This is partly so I can speed up rendering by sorting all render work but also to make it easier to change over to Qt rendering and OpenGL shaders.

    Some bug have also been fixed as reported by the crash reported and by email/facebook. This release also now correctly captures up to 18 channels of sound. Before if you used for example foobar2000 with a multichannel output plugin to get surround from your stereo music or from you true surround music then Plane9 would only capture and analyze the left and right speakers. Now he will capture all channels and analyze them. This should hopefully make for a better sound response in these cases. Quite a few scenes got updated. Specially with bloom and gamma correction. Gamma correction can change the scene quite drastically. Just a few new scenes where added in this release.

    The incomplete change list


    • Support analyzing sounds from the default recording device instead of 'what you hear'
    • Support cubemaps in folders
    • EffectNode: Allow setting alpha blending mode seperatly
    • Added a few Spherical Enviroment Map Textures
    • Added a few cubemaps
    • Enable seemless cubemaps
    • Increase max scene time in configuration windpw
    • Updated command line options. Now supports --width, --height, --rectime, --recfps, --music, --rand, --scene
    • Added foggy and foglights scenes
    • Capture up to 18 channels of sound and combine them into left and right. Before all channels except left and right front speakers where ignored.


    • Sort scenes in configuration window based on last modification time so newly changed scenes are shown first
    • Updated a lot of scenes with bloom/gamma correction/new lighting/..
    • Fixed issue where the main monitor must be to the left of any secondary monitors. Thanks to all who reported this.
    • New shader based noise functions that are 30% faster than the old one
    • Diffuse textures are now loaded as sRGB textures. So any scene using textures must gamma correct the final output to look correct.
    • Changed to a PaintJob based engine design for cleaner seperation between CPU and GPU work
    • Qt 5.3.1
    • Fixed a few crashes as reported by the crash report system
    • Corrected check that verifies that frame buffers are supported


    • The following scenes "Tunnel", "Neon world", "Cell rotation", "Cube sin", "ChasingTheDream", "into the matrix", "rainbow wave", "signal" since they looked bad/where boring