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  • A short progress report and crashing Xbox 360

    published on 6/18/2006 3:37 PM

    Another few weeks has passed by and here we are again. The project is progressing quite nicely for once. I have added the OpenGl renderer to the engine and this will be the main renderer from now on. The reason for this is that it just simply works. There isn't any need to download and install a 20Mb redist file for it to function as with DirectX. As long as you have some reasonable new drivers then everything should work without any problem. However I'll still keep the DirectX path because there is one thing that OpenGL lacks and that is true multimonitor support. Very few need it but for this next project I think there will be a larger demand for it. Most of us that use multimonitors now days have a dual head card and OpenGl will work very nicely with that. That's also the reason why OpenGl will be the only thing that I will use in the editor. It just simplifies things that I don’t have to keep track on what monitor you move your window. Add to that the fact that quite a lot of workstation gfx cards don't even have DirectX enabled drivers. Some more short information about this next project. It will consist of an advanced editor, a screensaver, a winamp visualization plugin and probably also a WMP9/10 visualization plugin.

    On another subject the Xbox 360 decided for me that I had played more than enough Burnout Revenge and decided to completely die. Started showing some garbage on the screen and then all it did was to show 3 red lights. That indicates a 'Hardware error' apparently. So now it's on a summer vacation down in Germany and getting fixed.

    BTW. Latest pointless, but ohh so fun, code count is at 43'400.

    Cheers people Joakim